Terra Nova's management team has deep knowledge of business in Mexico, including expertise in a range of important industries.  As described below, the team also includes advanced skills in financial management, strategic analysis, and other capabilities that can bring value to portfolio companies.

J. Fife Symington, IV - Managing Director
Mr. Symington has been involved with private equity investments in Mexico since 1994.  He currently serves as a director of several Mexican companies in a variety of industries, including agriculture, real estate development, and municipal infrastructure.  He is the managing director of International Greenhouse Produce, (IGP), the largest contiguous greenhouse operation in North America, with approximately 300 covered hectares under cultivation in Sinaloa, Mexico.  Mr. Symington speaks fluent Spanish, has lived in Mexico for several years, and has traveled extensively throughout Latin America.  He earned an Honors BA from Harvard University in 1992.

Joseph J. Ueberroth - Director
Mr. Ueberroth is the managing partner of Bellwether Financial Group, an investment and management company.  Over the last two decades, he has overseen the firm's investment strategy in both its private equity and venture capital investing.  He is currently the chairman of Bellingham Marine Industries, the largest and most comprehensive marina builder in the world; and the chairman of Bellport Group, a leader in shipyard and marina operations. Mr. Ueberroth is also the largest outside investor in IGP, as well as Apache Produce, a large-scale distribution company that sells Mexican produce throughout the United States and Canada.  In the venture capital field, he is a general partner in two opportunity funds as well as a general partner in a fund that has a Mexico specific strategy.  In his career, Mr. Ueberroth has founded start-ups, operated midsize companies and has been the chairman and CEO of a publically traded company. In addition to Apache Produce, he currently serves on the board of directors of Ambassadors Group, Bellingham Marine, Bellport, Enwisen, Melones, and is a managing member of CGI Opportunity Fund I & II and Terra Nova Ventures. He received his BA degree from Dartmouth College in 1991.

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