About Terra Nova

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Terra Nova Ventures is a U.S.-based private equity firm focused on investments in Mexico.  It invests primarily in the agriculture sector.  For information on our management team, please click here.


The idea for Terra Nova came from J. Fife Symington, IV, and Joseph J. Ueberroth.  Mr. Symington has owned and managed agricultural, infrastructure and related businesses in Mexico since 1994, and Mr. Ueberroth has been a leader in investing in and managing public and private firms over the same time frame.  Mr. Symington and Mr. Ueberroth recognized that a key constraint on businesses south of the border is a lack of capital.  Given the strong interest in private equity north of the border, they realized that they and their associates could be a key link between the capital available in the United States and businesses in Mexico.


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